In addition to Fusioncam, there are some other iPhone photo apps that we like that are on sale or free today. Here’s a list of a few of them. If you’ve had your eye on any of them, this is a good chance to grab them at discount prices. It may just be a savings of a buck or two, but it adds up. These sales don’t last long. Today, some of these apps are reduced for only a few more hours. Grab ’em now.

PhotoForge2 is on sale for one more day for $2.99 — actually a few more hours in most time zones. This powerful image editor has been rebuilt from the ground up and will go to its regular price of $4.99 tomorrow, June 1. If you haven’t snagged this one yet, grab it before the price increase. | PhotoForge2 - GhostBird Software

Camera Genius has just received a maintenance update and a temporary price reduction. This powerful camera replacement got a complete rebuild not too long ago. It’s now on sale for $0.99 — that’s $1.00 off the normal price. | Camera Genius - CodeGoo

iSupr8 duplicates the look of vintage 8mm movie films. It’s on sale right now for only $0.99 — down from $1.99. | iSupr8 - MEA Mobile

TrueHDR creates High Dynamic Range photos from multi-bracketed exposures. Lately, it’s been on sale often and is available today for only $0.99 — a savings of $1.00. | TrueHDR - Pictional LLC

Primasnap is a Dynamic Range Correction (DRC) photo app that claims to produce HDR-like results by using one exposure. It’s really just an exposure enhancement app — and it’s not bad. It’s also free right now. Primasnap works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 or newer. That means it runs on the older devices that need it most. This is for the full version of Primasnap, not the Lite version. | Primasnap - Viderea, Inc.

NewsFlash! adds newsprint-style and other types of halftone effects to your photos. It’s a little different and not as full featured as the excellent Halftone app, but it still creates interesting halftone effects. It’s free right now in the App Store. | NewsFlash! - differential enterprises

Have you found any other great sales or freebies? Share them in the comments below….