Big Foot

Big Foot by Patrick / Giant Ginkgo


Here is this week’s Faved On Flickr showcase. Over the past week, iPhoneographers from around the globe once again shared excellent portraits, abstracts, captures, landscapes, and found moments to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Here is this week’s gallery from over 1,000 images submitted this week.

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If you haven’t been to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group lately, I recommend you spend some time there to see a ton of outstanding photography no matter what device it was captured with (which just so happens to be iPhones).

This week’s lead image is a perfect Hipstamatic capture from Giant Gingko called “Big Foot.” Dan Berman contributed another outstanding landscape this week, full of great light and warm, golden tones. There’s some outstanding portraiture from Gary Gardiner, Aik Beng Chia, Laura Peischl, Suzan Mikiel, Iquanyin Moon. There’s also great photography from Dominique Jost, Stefan Mahé, Vitamin_E / Eric Einwiller, Holly Sisson, Grangefirth / Chris Harland, Shel Serkin, Dave Weekes and others.

Hopefully, these selections inspire to create — images that demonstrate what the iPhone is capable of as a camera and a processing tool.

Whenever possible, I’ve used the photographer’s real name in the caption, not the Flickr nick. This gives proper credit and recognition to the photographers and to better enable the viewer to get to know better each photographer and their work. Links go directly to the iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. If you like what you see, please click and check out their other work.

For your chance to be seen, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here Sunday — we’ll have more.

Even if you haven’t shared your photography here, I hope you enjoy the images in this week’s showcase. Many thanks to all who post their works and let me share them.


But it's no Match for her Long Blonde Hair

But it's no Match for her Long Blonde Hair by Reservoir_Dan



PCH by Gabby Rogers


Von unten

Von unten by de foty


Untitled by Robert / Marquis Cha Cha



Strings by Ichut



Wear by Vitamin_E / Eric Einwiller


Circles From Dark to Light

Circles From Dark to Light by Holly Sisson


Tras Street Kaleidoscope. #iphoneography #sgig #singapore #tinyworld #chinatown

Tras Street Kaleidoscope. by Scott A Woodward


Occupied Bench, Filey, Yorkshire

Occupied Bench, Filey, Yorkshire by Chris Harland


"Sunny San Francisco"

"Sunny San Francisco" by Dominique Jost


1st Of June

1st Of June by Shel Serkin


Løve & Guro

Løve & Guro by Gunnvor Karita


Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated by Gary Gardiner



Smile by Aik Beng Chia


I loved the expression on his face/

I loved the expression on his face/ by Laura Peischl


The dancer

The dancer by stefan mahé

Man In Prime - Portrait Series 1 -All iPhone-

Man In Prime - Portrait Series 1 -All iPhone- by DraMan


iPhoneography: Contemplation

iPhoneography: Contemplation by Dirk Dallas


Bouquet #iphoneography

Bouquet by Suzan Mikiel


off camber

off camber by monkeyseemonkeypoo


Waiting @ Tokyo Big Site

Waiting @ Tokyo Big Site by Dave Weekes



Waterloo by Shel Serkin