“El celular es una herramienta más en el bulto de un fotógrafo. Se pueden capturar buenas imágenes ya sean instantáneas o más elaboradas utilizando el aparato que llevamos a todas partes.”

“The cell phone is another tool in the case of a photographer. You can capture great images whether instant or developed using the equipment to be everywhere.”

Exposición: fotos de celular is a mobile phone photography exhibition opening in San Juan, Puerto Rico this week featuring images shot and processed on an iPhone. The exhibition opens June 30 and runs for 26 days at Casa Aboy. The show features work of photographers from Puerto Rico and other countries. Many photographers are from Puerto Rico, but it’s an international exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Alicia Kidd.

The opening reception is this Thursday evening at 7:00 PM.

Galería Fotográfica PL 900

Casa Aboy
Ponce de León 900
Miramar, San Juan
Puerto Rico

La Casa Aboy is located in Miramar, Santurce and is part of “arteSanturce – Barrio Obrero to 15”

For more information, see the event’s Facebook page or visit the Casa Aboy website.