Fireworks shot with my old iPhone 2G

Fireworks shot with my old iPhone 2G

This weekend, there are a lot of fireworks celebrations here in the US. Many of us will be capturing photos with our iPhones as our main camera. A couple of years ago, I was able to capture okay fireworks images with the inferior camera of my iPhone 2G (see above). This year, I’m looking to capture much better ones with the far superior camera of my iPhone 4.

TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog recently posted a great blog post on how to get better fireworks photos with your iPhone. If you’re out shooting the holiday with your phone, it’s an essential read.

Click here to read “Capturing the “rocket’s red glare” of fireworks with your iPhone camera this 4th of July” by Mel Martin.

UPDATE 07.03.11 @ 13:45: Yahoo Tech just posted a great overall post on getting better photos of fireworks. Although it’s written with all cameras in mind, many of the tips are applicable for mobile phone cameras as well.