ClasicTOY 6.0Don’t worry… this post will effect very few readers. If you use the excellent ClassicCAMERA apps from misskiwi, be sure the iOS on your iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch are up to date.

Recently ClassicTOY and ClassicSAMP were updated. They were both listed as a “minor update (just a few bug fixes)”, but I also noticed that both apps now require a minimum of iOS 4.2 to run. Previously, both would run on iOS 4.1 or newer. The ClassicINSTA apps and ClassicPAN Still work on the older operating system, but I would imagine that this will be changed in the next updates.

Unless you’re on a device that simply won’t run at least iOS 4.2, there’s really no reason not to update to the latest iOS (version 4.3.4 was just released). If you haven’t synced your iDevice to your desktop or laptop in a very long time, it’s always a good idea to keep your iDevice update with the latest iOS it will support. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can update and easily jailbreak one of the iOS 4.2.x updates.