Halftone on iPad. Image courtesy of Juicy Bits.


Halftone is the app from Juicy Bits that recreates the printed, aged, halftone feel of old comic books. There are now a lot of halftone-style apps in the App Store, but Halftone is so far the best app I’ve found for recreating pulpy, comic book-style images. I’ve reviewed Halftone several times; you can start with this review here.

Halftone supports full iPhone 4 resolution – one of the few halftone-style apps that do. It’s now a universal app and works great on any iDevice you run it on.

Halftone is FREE right now in the App Store. Go… grab now! This freebie will only last for a short time – through this weekend. It’s well worth the normal price of 99¢. For free, it’s a must-have.

Halftone - Juicy Bits