How could I resist sharing a MacWorld post with a title like that?

In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, MacWorld’s Lauren Crabbe published a story online about using an iPhone for higher-quality image capture and editing – something that many of us already know about our cameras of choice, but might be of interest if you haven’t yet discovered some of the higher-end photo editors.

I agree with many of her choices, including using both PhotoForge2 and Filterstorm. Both apps have different uses in my toolbox. Her choice of ComicBook in an otherwise hi-fi-oriented article left me puzzled. Also, noting one of her oversights, Cogitap’s excellent Slow Shutter Cam (Slow Shutter Cam - Cogitap Software) does support full resolution on an iPhone 4.

“Yes, it is possible to take good photos on your iPhone without shoving it through a lo-fi app. And as cool as it may seem to make your party photos look like they were taken in 1976, one can’t help wonder what we will think of them in retrospect.”

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