We’ve previously reviewed camera replacement app King Camera. Created by iPhoneographers, it started off great and has only gotten much better since. Version 2.0 is now in beta and a new update is forthcoming, but if you don’t already have this fast, powerful camera replacement, it’ll be on sale for only $0.99 for three days only and will be discounted through this weekend. That’s a savings of 50%.

Here are some of the improvements that have been made to King Camera since it’s release:

  • Major Shutter Speed increase, now as fast or faster than other top photo apps
  • Time Lapse can now be saved at either 12fps or 24fps
  • Added 90 degree rotation
  • Added 1:1 crop ratio
  • Added customizable White Vignette
  • Added Negative Contrast
  • Removed Photo Buffer. You can now take as many photos as you like
  • Faster Launch Start-Up Time on par with other top photo apps
  • Faster Thumbnail Generation
  • Faster Cache in Quickmatik
  • Faster Photo Import to the PhotoDesk (2 seconds!)


The upcoming 2.0 update will have new tools, a new interface, new looks, and major tweaks. We’ll keep you posted on when it’ll be released.

Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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