The last long weekend of the summer is upon us. If, like Marty, you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a nice climate year round that may not be such a big deal. But for those of us facing months of winter cold making us think twice about pulling off our gloves to take a photo it’s a disappointing affair.

Wherever you live I invite you to join me for a long weekend photo project. In honour of Labour Day the theme will be “Labour of Love.” (Or, for my American friends, Labor of Love.)

Define it however you want, but spend some time this weekend focused (pun intended, sorry) on iPhoneography and post a link to the results in the comments below. Some lucky participant will get a shiny new photo app or two from me. Post your best shots to the Life in LoFi Flickr group and tag them with #laboroflove (or, my fellow Canadians, #labouroflove).

If you’re short on inspiration here are a couple suggestions that may get you going:

  • Explored – Pick something you love and photography it from every possible angle, distance, light, etc.
  • 48 Hours of the One You Love – A spin on the “52 Weeks of the One You Love” Flickr group, take a photo an hour of somebody you love. (Well, a photo an hour when you’re awake.)
  • Learn to love a new photo style – Always take black & white photos? Try a Lomo-style app and see what you can do with bright, saturated colours. Fan of square format? Test your hand at composing full-frame iPhone photos. Landscape photographer? Get out there and take some street shots.
  • Learn to love a new photo app – Is there an app you see others produce amazing results with that you’ve never really enjoyed? Take 3 days limit yourself to nothing but that app, see if you can push your own capabilities with it. (This is what I’m doing, with Hipstamatic and particularly the random setting to expand the lenses/films I shoot with.)
Got another idea? Post it in the comments.