lensflare for iPhoneLensFlare for iPhone by BrainFeverMedia is the best iPhone app for adding realisitic-looking flares and optical effects to your photos. Unlike most lens flare apps, these are generated on the fly. No two flares are alike.

The LensFlare 7.2 update was recently released with a few new features. The app has two new flares and is now iPhone 5 ready.

The two new flares are Energy Wave and Plasma Wave. Both are well done, natural looking lens aberrations.

Previously, due to limitations in the iOS, LensFlare’s great looking effects maxed out at 2048×2048 px — smaller than the full-res of an iPhone 4.

The new version 7.2 ups that and more. The app now supports 3072×3072 px — 9.4 megapixels. Not only is the app now iPhone 5-ready with its anticipated 8 MP resolution, LensFlare supports the larger file sizes on the iPhone 4 as well. I’m not sure how it does on older iPhones as I don’t have a device for testing.

Life In LoFi has confirmed that BrainFeverMedia’s other apps, LensFlare HD for iPad and the excellent LensLight will also be receiving 9.4 MP support in updates coming very soon. Updates are in review in the App Store.

LensFlare is only $0.99 in the App Store. It’s old iPhone friendly. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

LensFlare - BrainFeverMedia