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Guest blogger Holly Miller has written a piece covering four iPhone photo apps we wouldn’t normally cover here on the blog. I’ve actually used SnapShot Postcard for a while now for making and sending real-world postcards by postal mail. Mom doesn’t have email and loves getting the custom postcards. The card itself is printed on nice stock and has always arrived within a few days for me.

Here’s what Holly has to say about SnapShot and a few others.

Since the capability was adapted to cell phones, the stark lines between professional photographers and occasional hobbyists have grown weaker and more blurred as time passes. Almost anyone can take a great shot now with digital technology, and those special effects once seen only in the most advanced photographer’s portfolio are now available through various apps for your iPhone. If you’ve ever briefly wandered through the photography section of the iPhone Apps Store, you might agree that there are more than a few from which to chose. Here are a few of the more unique or high-performing apps available. Some have a small price tag, and many fit any budget and are free.

Sketch Me!

This $0.99 app transforms any photo into a sketched picture. The likeness is truly astounding, and if it weren’t used on a communications device, you might swear that an artist had drawn it. Shading, contours and personality are all displayed with amazing detail. The app works on not only iPhone but also on iPad and iPad touch. Sorry, Android. You’ll have to find your own. This one’s for Apple lovers. | Sketch Me! - Bluebear

SnapShot Postcard

In the age of email and text messages, it might be considered a throw-back to ancient times to send a postcard, but that’s precisely what this free app enables. You don’t have to travel around the world to send a postcard. Simply select a photo from your library, touch it up if you’d like, add a few lines of text and supply the to and from addresses, and your glossy postcard is printed and mailed on your behalf by first class mail.

Surprise grandparents, grandchildren, friends or colleagues with a personalized postcard that can be enjoyed for years. The SnapShot Postcard app is a perfect blending of new technology with old world charm. | SnapShot Postcard - NSN Solutions, Inc.

Photo Privacy

While this free app doesn’t enhance your iPhone photography, it does secure your photos and helps you keep them organized. Devise a system with files and folders to store your photos, then secure them individually or en masse with access passwords. You can even lock the app itself securely if you wish. | Photo Privacy - Linkus

The app still allows you to use other photographic apps with your pictures, but it prevents others from seeing private photos and videos. Sharing is fine; just avoid snooping.

Animoto Videos

Initial reviews of this free app reflected its tendency to crash, but Animoto states they have fixed the issue in app for iOS 4.2.1 and older, and they’ve enhanced several services in their new version, 2.5. Animoto is one of the most user-feedback-oriented app developers on the market, and they prove it with every improvement they make on all their products.

Remix videos, audio streams and choose between 30-second shorts or full-length videos. Choose special affects, upload to your favorite social network sites, send to friends or just keep them and enjoy yourself.

For a free application, iPhone users love it. One user blatantly said that he couldn’t believe the app was free. Animoto probably just smiled and nodded. (The free Animoto Videos makes a 30 second video short using about 10 or so photos. You can check out one I made here. To make and share longer videos, you’d need to upgrade to Animoto Plus or Pro, starting at $5 per month or $30 per year. =M=) | Animoto Videos - Animoto


This post was contributed by Holly Miller, a writer for Coupon Croc, the best place to find Argos bargains for all of the latest gadgets and technology.