King Camera v2.0 from Martin Perreault on Vimeo.

The excellent King Camera just got its biggest update yet, with dozens of new features. Although it’s on my iPhone, I haven’t had a chance for hands on with the new update yet, but the new feature list is huge and you can see it after the jump.

For a limited time only, King Camera is on sale for $0.99 — that’s half off the usual $1.99 it’s been going for recently. Version 1 was an impressive debut for this powerful camera replacement app. The new update adds a ton of new features and tools for adjusting, tweaking and filtering images. This is an excellent all-in-one camera app.

Note: The developers suggest that “Since KC2.0 is such a big update, if you are updating from KC1.04 we do recommend you backup your library of photos to your Camera Roll before proceeding.”

Check out the video above where developers Yanik and Martin highlight the new features.

Read on for the list of new features. >>>

What’s New in King Camera 2.0:

– NEW! PINCH-ZOOM on Preview Images throughout application
– NEW! COLORIZER FX Module (up to 3 simultaneous Color Filters)
– NEW! LIGHT LEAKS FX Module (up to 3 simultaneous Light Leaks)
– NEW! TEXTURIZER now supports up to 3 simultaneous Textures!
– NEW! Touch Gesture to Flip Textures (in texturizer, light leaks, and colorizer)
– INTERFACE! Simple “Marbles Navigation System”
– INTERFACE: Promatik Main View with Sliding Menu to accommodate the additional Tools
– TWEAK: “Save Photo” (saves on top of current edit) and “Save a Copy” (duplicates your edit)
– SPEED! Advanced & Optimized CACHE system in Promatik, making the module up to 10X Faster when applying effects

– NEW! COPY/PASTE LOOKS directly in Photodesk
– NEW! Copy/Paste Photo to other apps (email, MMS, etc.)
– NEW! Option to EXPORT all photos contained in stacks
– INTERFACE: larger thumbnail size + Optimized for Retina Display
– SPEED: Export of Original Photo 2X faster

– NEW! QUICKMATIK LOOKS completely revamped & optimized
– INTERFACE: Larger thumbnails

– NEW! Settings: Option to Save to Camera Roll Only
– NEW! User’s activated Camera Tools now remembered from session to session
– NEW! Double-Tap gesture in VIDEO MODE to show zoomed-out or zoomed-in View
– NEW! Double-Tap gesture in TIMELAPSE to show zoomed-out or zoomed-in View
– INTERFACE: Added “Rule of Thirds Grid” button in Camera Main View Menu

– NEW! Quick HELP System in all modules (“?” Icon)
– NEW! Settings: “Clean Up” function to clean up zombie files in user folder
– FIX: Crop Ratio preserved correctly when a Quickmatik Look contains a Crop
– FIX: Photo Orientation preserved when importing from Camera Roll/Exporting to Camera Roll.
– SPEED! many additional tweaks to enhance overall app responsiveness
– INTERFACE: visual overall redesign of the graphic user interface
– iOS 5 ready
– various additional bug fixes


Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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