UPDATED 10.01.11 @ 11:00 PDT: Scott from Image Blocks is offering Life In LoFi readers an exclusive discount promo code through October. Find out more after the jump.

If you’re looking for a unique way to display or share your iPhoneography, Image Blocks are an attractive option.

Image Blocks are a unique and attractive way to mount square format images. The blocks are targeted towards Instagram and Hipstamatic aficionados, but any square format image will look great on one of these.

I received an Image Block of one of my photos. Read my thoughts after the jump.>>>

Images are printed onto aluminum then carefully mounted to a recycled Jarrah wooden block. The Image block in millimetres is 95 x 95 x 50 (roughly 4 x 4 inches) and is good quality, hand-cut recycled Jarrah hard wood. A 14mm holed plate is attached to the back for convenient hanging if you should wish to display the image block on the wall or create a panoramic series. The blocks are thick enough to stand alone sturdy on a shelf or desk.

As a test print, I sent one of my early Hipstamatic prints shot with a John S. lens, making the colors just a bit surreal and easy to plug up on a print. I’ve seen other pprints of this one before and it’s a fairly tough print to get right. Before sending, I also reduced the file size down to old Instagram resolution, 612 x 612 pixels. That’s pretty small for a print.

The Image Block looks great. The colors are accurate and vibrant and even the low-res Instagram-sized output prints sharp and clear on an aluminum plate. Full resolution prints will look just as good, if not better.

The plate is flush and glued securely to the wood base. The block itself is pretty solid and sturdy. The wood feels very substantial and has a smooth finish. The mounting plate on the back is convenient for hanging. The heavy, thick wood base is very sturdy on a table. We’ve got ours sitting out on a table in the living room.

With the holidays coming up, Image Blocks would make great and unique gifts for family, friends and co-workers — especially those who thumb their nose at iPhone photography. Image Blocks are a unique, eye-catching way to display and share any square-format mobile photography.

Each Image Block is $35 AUD — that’s about $34 USD, £22.00, and just over CA$35 with today’s exchange rates. Blocks are shipped from Australia and international shipping is a bit extra.

Through the month of October, Image Blocks are offering Life In LoFi readers 10% off their order. Use the promo code “LILIBOCT11” on checkout. Coupon code is valid through October 31, 2011 (that might be October 30 in many time zones).

Click here to order or for more information. The URL is a little cranky and Googling “image blocks” gets you a lot of unrelated sites.