One of the glaring updates missing for the new and improved iPhone 4S has been Hipstamatic. This week, Hipstamatic 226 was released. While this update is light on new features, it fixes the high resolution bug of the previous version. Hipstamatic is finally ready for the 8MP camera of the iPhone 4S.

Hipstamatic now supports 2448×2448 pixels in high resolution mode and 1936×1936 px if you’re on an iPhone 4S. With this update, Hipstamatic no longer saves both medium and high res images at 1200×1200 px. It still saves at 1936×1936 and 1200×1200 on an iPhone 4.

This new update also saves more EXIF data, including aperture, shutter speed, hardware flash usage and other info.

The 226 features upgraded image quality for use with an iPhone 4S. I tried the John S lens with the Kodot film — a classic combination. The results were gorgeous. Actually, a litte too pretty for me. One of the areas where I think Hipstamatic excels is on the lower quality cameras of the older iPhones. It’s combination of classic and dirty analog effects complement well the limitations of the older, lower quality cameras.

I’m really glad that Hipstamatic finally works on the 4S. Be prepared, though. Image quality is really, really sharp. That’s either good or bad, depending on your tastes and expectations.

Hipstamatic is $1.99 and works on just about any iDevice with a camera.

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