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Life in the Subway - 3 X 3 by :: myboo :: (Sherrie Chen)


Today, we are featuring a Thanksgiving edition of Faved On Flickr showcase. Or Thursday to the rest of the world. iPhoneographers continue to share their great photography, abstracts, urban photography, captured moments, and more awesome street photography in Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. I’ve gone back several weeks for this week’s showcase from the thousands images shared in the group.

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Autumn is setting in in the northern hemisphere. I saw a lot of stark light and monochromes submitted recently. Also, there were a lot of excellent portraits — both raw and very nicely processed.

This week’s lead image is Sherrie Chen’s brilliant “Life in the Subway – 3 X 3”. It’s a hectic slice of life that reminded me a lot of the work of Gilbert and George. With all of the attention that the worldwide Occupy movements have been drawing, I found Chelsea Parker’s “I am the 99%” to be simple, powerful and effective. Hideous Manki, Jan Kretschmer, and Esben Tuman shared some great WTF, Escher-esque images — very interesting and disorienting architectural iPhone photography. There are other great photographs in today’s gallery from iPhoneographers Dixon Hamby, mutablend, Souishi Furuso, Red Kiwi, Hideous Manki, Paul Moore and many, many others.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow links and get to know iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

For your chance to be seen in this feature, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. Here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here on Sundays. We’ll have more.

I hope you enjoy today’s Thanksgiving showcase. I hope to have more this Sunday. As always, many thanks to the iPhoneographers who post and share their photography.

Wherever you are today, whether it’s a holiday for you or not, I hope the day is a good one for you spent happily with family and friends.


I am the 99%.

I am the 99%. by chelsea.parker.photo



?????????????? by polylulu


|^ /24 | | __Surrealistic Street__

|^ /24 | | __Surrealistic Street__ by mutablend (very slow)


Grand Central Run

Grand Central Run by capel_states



ReRemix by Subway666


Walk pic #15

Walk pic #15 by Souichi Furusho



Sara by ale2000



Eye by Red Kiwi Photography



time...by i.tay



11/11/11 by Photon Thief



WITH JOY HE NAVIGATES by Donna French 808


Look at my umbrella #panama

Look at my umbrella by dixonhamby


Untitled by Hideous Manki


Cool staircase #iphoneography #architecture

Cool staircase by esbentuman


Marienplatz Ubahn

Marienplatz Ubahn by iPhoneLomo



IMG_1895 by silvia vincenzi



Untitled by frau inge



finite by themoaningtree


Sabotage - all iPhone -

Sabotage - all iPhone - by DraMan


Untitled by Shoot Too Kill



IMG_2415.jpg by Gaffer Tape


Things I find on a walk... winch.

Things I find on a walk... winch. by mslavine



Ventil by defoty


Foggy fall morning.

Foggy fall morning. by ct1967



Novemberwald by defoty


Surf The Light Fantastic

Surf The Light Fantastic by Paul Moore