6x7 medium format iPhone photo app6×7 is a new photo app from the developer of the square format app 6×6. It’s a basic camera app that shoots in a classic (and little seen in the iPhoneography world) 6 x 7 aspect ratio. I recently reviewed it and gave it four stars. It’s a straightforward, fun app.

6×7 was just updated to version 1.02, adding a couple new features and fixing a few bugs, including the “cache crash” which I found here effecting iPhone 4S.

Previous versions of 6×7 were extremely fast. I was able to capture about 2 shots per second on my 4S. This caused the app to shut down on my iPhone 4S as it tried to save the images from its cache.

The new update is still fast — about a shot per second on a 4S. It also maxes out at 4 shots before letting you shoot again. It’s not as fast, but it’s also a lot more stable. Right now, it’s at a good balance between speed and stability.

The previous update to 6×7 added the option for a classic white border around your photos.

6×7 is a simple yet good app. The two recent updates improve the app. It’s a great nod to a classic photographic format.

Here’s the complete list of additions and changes in the 1.02 update:

✓ Image Review option gives you the choice of seeing your photographs straight after you’ve taken them (tap to clear)
✓ Revisions to the Architectural Grid

✓ It should now be impossible to overload the image buffer by shooting too many photographs too quickly
✓ A minor shutter inconsistency is fixed

6×7 is $0.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

6x7 - Michael Hardaker