One word… wow!

Snapheal for Mac isn’t iPhoneography-related, per se. It is, after all, a Mac app, which means processing a photo off of your iPhone. Many iPhoneographers prefer to keep it on their iDevice.

If you work with your images — any photographs — on your Mac desktop or laptop, though (I do daily in my graphic design studio), Snapheal for Mac looks to be an amazing — dare I say “magical” — new tool.

Adobe Photoshop has had content-aware tools for several versions. They’re really cool to manipulate photos and clean up unwanted objects in a photo. Snapheal looks easier and faster than Photoshop’s tools and could be a go-to photo app for many photographers and designers.

It’s from MacPhun, the developer who’s created the excellent FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPad. From the video, it looks like Snapheal even has MacPhun’s Amazing Facts progress bar.

Snapheal hits the Mac App Store next week on Wednesday, December 14. It’s tentatively priced at $14.99 USD.

Although it’s not lo-fi or iPhoneography, Snapheal looks like a really, really cool app. We’ll keep you updated.