There are a couple of noteworthy photo apps on sale this morning. Both are on sale now for a limited time. If you’ve had your eye on either of these apps, this is a good time to grab one or both at a discount. Neither are essential, but both are fun to play with.

Magic Hour is oddly named. It has nothing to do with the two times of the day for awesome light — golden hour or blue hour. It’s a square format photo app that complements Instagram nicely. It has 40 built-in filters and effects. Plus, it has a built-in Filter Market where you can download many other user-created filters for free. Normally $1.99, it’s on sale now for only $0.99 — a savings of $1.00.   | Magic Hour - Camera & Unlimited Filter - Kiwiple

I’ve been playing around with Live Filter Camera for several versions now and watching it improve. Most of its retro effects are well done and they render live onscreen as you shoot. Filters can be applied to both stills and video. The app supports full iPhone 4S resolution. I was pleasantly surprised by this app. It’s on sale now for only $0.99 — a discount of $1.00.   | Live Filter Camera - CnC