Hipstamatic D Series

Bringing back analog, one exposure at a time.

From the Synthetic team, Hipstamatic introduces the new D-Series iOS app, set to release this Thursday December 15th!  Hipstamatic’s Disposable camera makes it a snap to create and share a camera with your friends. From the first snap to the last, everyone shoots to one roll, and at the end photos are instantly exchanged to all of the camera’s contributors. You’ll never have to swap doubles or email from your friends phone again. Sharing a roll of film has never been this much fun. Users share a set of 24 exposers through a cloud sync’d camera creating a social sharing application to instantly connect and exchange with friends. The D-Series launch, marks Hipstamatic’s first ever FREE download and will launch with 3 in App Purchase Camera’s to create sharable analog images.

Hipstamatic Disposable from Synthetic on Vimeo.

“Two years ago we created Hipstamatic and changed the way we thought about photography on the mobile platform. We believe that 2012 will be the year that Hipstamatic’s D-Series changes how we come together to capture photographic stories” – Lucas Allen Buick, CEO & Co-Founder of Synthetic.

• Instantly connect to all your friends via Facebook
• Share the entire album or individual prints to Facebook, Twitter, and Email
• Get awesome new cameras from the in-app HipstaMart



Foxy X69
Starting at $0.99
Hot as the day is long. Foxy’s X69 camera captures a shallow depth of field from within a scanned film border. This is the perfect camera to add a little spice to any occasion.

Starting at $0.99
Sweet and delicious. Dreamy’s orange sherbet shell and cream grip houses a masterful lens created to soften the mood with blurred vignettes and a white rustic border.

BlacKeys 44
Starting at $0.99
Like a chilly night stargazing in Paris. Warm and cool monochromatic tones collide between a soft black border. BlacKeys 44 sports a balmy cool black shell and grip making it the perfect camera for classy shindigs.

MegaZuck 84
Free with Facebook Connection.
Desaturated duo style tones with a thick white border. This camera adds a touch of 1984 to any social network.

Screenshot showing costs of Hipstamatic-D "films"