king camera iPhoneThe new King Camera 2.5 is the biggest update yet to this powerhouse all-in-one photo app. The full feature list is below. One new feature effects all previous owners of the app. King Camera is now a “Freemium” app — it is now permanently free as a web resolution app (that means low-resolution) with an in-app purchase to unlock high-resolution saves and remove the new iAds.

If you’re a previous owner of the app — version 2.05 or older, the new High-Res pack is automatically unlocked for you at no charge. Well, mostly….

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For new owners, High Resolution is now unlocked as an in-app purchase for King Camera. For previous owners, it’s unlocked free when you update the app.

It’s said best on King Camera’s Support Page:

If you purchased King Camera from v1.0 to 2.03, you will get the HR PACK in-app purchase for Free automatically, if you follow the following upgrade procedure:

Before upgrading to KC 2.05 and up, you need to:

a) have KC (v1.0 to v2.03) already installed on your Device
b) have used KC on your Device at least one time

Then you can proceed to upgrade KC to v2.5 (and up), and the HR PACK will automatically be unlocked for you.

The HR PACK will remain unlocked with every subsequent updates you do after that.

IMPORTANT NOTE (emphasis added): If you uninstall King Camera from your device, and proceed to re-install KC2.05+ without already having your purchased copy present on your device, unfortunately the HR PACK will not unlock and you will need to purchase it. The reason being that the App Store In-App Purchase mechanism cannot detect if you previously purchased the application as a paid app, because the two are separate entities. The King Camera upgrade procedure described above by-passes the Apple in-app purchase mechanism for our previous customers.

Basically, this means that if you update the app on your iPhone (or iTunes), you should be good. If you have to delete the app and reinstall it for any reason, you’ll have to repurchase the HR Pack for $0.99 again.

Saycheezzz is actually doing the best they can to change the business model of the app and not screw existing users in the process. It’s a slightly ugly end run around Apple’s in-app purchase rules but I applaud Saycheez for doing all they can for previous users.

Anyone who purchases the HR Pack in-app, existing users or new, will be able to restore the purchase and the high res functionality forever (or as long as there’s an iOS App Store).

The rest of the update is a good one with a bunch of new features and functionality. Also, I really dig the new icon.

King Camera is now a FREE download in the App Store. The HR Pack is currently a $0.99 in-app purchase. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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What’s New in Version 2.5

King Camera is now forever FREE!
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– Volume Shutter
– PhotoAppLink! (multitask your photo between KC and other photo apps)
– Pinch-Zoom in Quickmatik

– Share simultaneously to MULTIPLE Facebook, FB Pages, and Twitter Accounts
– Twitter as Image Host

– Promatik UNDO/REDO: button(s) now inactive (greyed-out) when function is logically not available
– New ICON

– Fixed FB destination folder to bypass 200 photos limit
– Photographer username fixed in Settings (iOS5)
– Settings: “Save to Camera Roll Only” now saves in correct order
– correct help video in Share Help View
– Burst Mode: fixed edits in Photodesk for Burst stack

King Camera FREE is fully functional in Web Resolution. You can do everything King Camera has to offer: Take photos, Edit them, Export them, Share them, etc.! New customers can unleash KC’s full potential with the in-app purchase:
– ability to export in med & full res
– remove KC watermark in SHARE
– remove banner ads