iPhoneography: One World. One Vision, a free online seminar, starts Thursday morning and runs through Friday, January 6.

Join Jack Hollingsworth for fun look at the ever-expanding world of iPhone Photography (or iPhoneography). If you love shooting, processing and sharing images with your iPhone, this is a 2-day event you don’t want to miss. Click past the jump for more info and a link where you can enroll for free.

He’ll demo tons of gear to accessorize your iPhone camera for shooting stills and video. Jack will dig into the best apps available for working photographers, and show why he believes the iPhone will forever change the landscape and culture of photography.

With all the tools, technology and social media channels available today, this may be the greatest time in history to be a photographer. Celebrate photography in an iPhone ‘love fest’ that promises to stir your imagination like no other.

I’ve met and shot with Jack Hollingsworth. In addition to being very interesting, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun, Jack brings his 30 years of experience as a photographer to his iPhoneography. But rather than fight the limitations of the iPhone camera, Jack embraces the creative freedom it actually offers because it’s “the camera that’s with you” and the availability of the thousands of photo apps in the App Store. it should be an educating and entertaining couple of days.

The event is FREE for the online audience (those that tune in on January 5-6). Videos of the two-day seminar are also available.

Sign-up is required. Visit the CreativeLIVE website to enroll or for more information. The seminar starts daily at 9:00 am, Los Angeles time.