Photo by Layne Kennedy

If you are in or near Minneapolis and are willing to get out and brave the midwest winter cold, check out a new iPhoneography exhibit at the Mpls Photo Center.

“Layne Kennedy: The Art of the iPhone” runs now through February 26 and features 48 photos the Twin Cities-area editorial photographer shot on his iPhone.

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From the exhibit listing:

It is not uncommon for artists to step out of their medium to dabble in other creative adventures. Doing so, profits the mind. New artistic pursuits keep us fresh allowing room to wander into new creative reaches, thereby cleansing our own, while also confirming the gifted skills and tallents of others.

This collection of images from Layne Kennedy’s Apple iPhone are moments that called out to him, neither forced or waited for. It is a reminder to Kennedy of the spiritual, instictive nature of photography. No over thinking, no grabbing the perfect lens, or waiting for the ideal time of day. It’s gut photography and the joy of being unburdened using only the most basic of his equipment, an iPhone.

The Mpls Photo Center occasionally holds classes in iPhoneography. Visit the center’s website,, for more info.


“Layne Kennedy: The Art of the iPhone”
Mpls Photo Center
2400 North Second Street
Minneapolis 55411

The exhibit runs through February 26.