Robert Buckley, winner of the IPC January 2012, Theme: WILDLIFE


The iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) has been hosted monthly on Facebook since November 2009, making it one of the longest running iPhone photo challenges. Mike Fendt created the contest “as I’m passionate about photography and I love my iPhone!” I’m still an admin of the group as well, but Mike handles the contests and day-to-day business.

Each month brings a new themed contest. Winners are determined by votes. The only prize is bragging rights and the winner gets to choose the next month’s theme. Currently, there are over 1,500 iPhoneographers and users in the group and it’s a diverse mix.

Here’s a gallery of some of the recent monthly winners in the iPhone Photography Competition. Recent monthly winners include Robert Buckley, Hannah Louise Henney, Fiona Christian and Bashar Alaeddin, To enter this month’s contest which is “Live Music”, simply head over to the page and submit.

Hannah Louise Lenney, Winner of the IPC December, 2011, Theme: Celebration


Window to the Soul.... by Fiona Christian, Winner of the IPC November, 2011, Theme: Eye Contact


Sunrise in Kwazulu-natal, South Africa... by Bashar Alaeddin, Winner of the IPC September,2011, Theme: Sunrise