sail by Janine Graf

Here is the Faved On Flickr iPhoneography showcase for the week of February 19, 2012. As I look through the images each week —  and I look at each one — I’m always impressed with how great the photography is and how far iPhoneographers continue to push the art of apping and production. All this from a device that started out as a means to send snapshots by text message. Pretty impressive.

Once again, here are a small sampling of the week’s great iPhoneography submitted this week. Click past the jump for the rest of this week’s showcase. >>>

This week’s lead image “Sail” by Janine Graf is a warm, dreamy recollection of the joys and freedom of childhood. This week’s showcase is packed with more great iPhone photography by Daniel Berman, Greg Schmigel, Clay “Butch the iPhoneographer” Benskin, Paula Gardener, Amy Leibrand, Dirk Dallas, Igor Phomin, Andrew Lucchesi, and a powerful self portrait of the iPhoneographer behind the lens of the London Street Portraits I’ve been showing here for the past few weeks, Alvaro Arregui. There are many other great iPhoneographers showcased here this week as well.

Each week I fave many more images that I can’t fit into this piece. Be sure to visit Life In LoFi on Flickr to see the excellent iPhoneography in all of this week’s submissions.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow the links and discover new iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All you have to do to submit your photography is to post your images to LoFi’s Flickr Group. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of outstanding iPhone photography.

Please enjoy this week’s set. As always, it’s the iPhoneographers who deserve the credit. Whether or not you were selected this week, thank you for sharing your art.


After Midnight

After Midnight by Reservoir_Dan / Daniel Berman



Foto.JPG by eigi11


23.01.12.   L1.  iPhone Daily

23.01.12. L1. iPhone Daily by iPhom / Igor Phomin


Day 48: Self Portrait

Day 48: Self Portrait by Steven Dempsey


Come As You Are

Come As You Are by Jay_Harvey


Black Tears

Black Tears by theeandrew / Andrew Lucchesi


half does and half does not.

half does and half does not. by _thisspace_ / Amy Leibrand



89 by mavideoz


Social experiment / Selfportrait

Social experiment / Selfportrait by Alvaro Arregui



Festival by Millo Salgado



parking by d4no



044 by kimberlyfaye



TomatoClan by wout.


Moon and Clouds, Pillar Point Harbor

Moon and Clouds, Pillar Point Harbor by Robert Eckhardt


•Pivdenny Bridge. Kyiv• Camera+, Filterstorm

•Pivdenny Bridge. Kyiv• by Hochlander


LA Rails

LA Rails by Dirk Dallas



Iphoneography by Sobotk


The London you don't see

The London you don't see by Jahsharn / Paula Gardener


two faced

two faced by Greg Schmigel


Helping Hand

Helping Hand by barrykhan


Untitled by ButchTheiPhoneographer



IKEA by Dirk Dallas


Be Tween at Tokyo

Be Tween at Tokyo by 3S-i