I’ve been using a Youbiq Gymbl with Case and Tripod for some time. The case feels solid and has protected my iPhone 4 (and later my 4S) from many bumps and drops. It’s got an ergonomically designed curve on the outside of the case that I really like which makes a noticeable difference in feel when you’re holding your iPhone.

Youbiq is creating a new accessory to go with the device, the Gymbl Latch & Lanyard. They have created a Kickstarter project to help fund the device. From the Kickstarter video, it’s a simple, handy, and versatile clip that helps extend the usability of the Gymbl case. Click past the jump to read more. >>>

I’ve been using my Gymbl Pro since last year and like both the case and tripod. The tabletop tripod has a proprietary quick-release slide mount that slides on and off the case in a second. The tripod itself has a very handy gimble head that rotates into a number of handy positions for shooting, reading, surfing, and watching video on your iPhone. When not in use, the Gymbl is small enough to fold up and fit into a pocket, purse or backpack. It’s one of the most compact tabletop tripods I’ve seen for iPhone, yet a lot sturdier than most, especially the head. With as much as I travel, having the Gymbl and an photo app with a self-timer has helped me get into snapshots I would have ordinarily missed.

The Gymbl tripod also has a standard 1/4″ female thread for easy mounting to a full-size tripod. The Gymbl Pro comes with a small separate tripod mount as well.

The Gymbl isn’t perfect, but I’ve gotten used to its quirks. When mounted, the Gymbl orients your iPhone with the Home button on the left side — 180° away from where you expect (however, mounting this way correctly orients the flash above the lens). Many apps work fine like this and just flip around but some don’t take advantage of this orientation, most notably Hipstamatic. Orienting the head of the Gymbl for uses other than photography takes a bit of experimenting and cussing. It took me a few minutes of fiddling before I found the right combination of moves so I could set the tripod to a reading position. The ergonomic case is designed for right-handed users. Also, the Gymbl and Gymbl Pro are more expensive than other cases/tripods in this class.

Overall, I think the Gymbl is a solid, functional case with a great form factor. I find myself using the tripod often, not just for photography.

The new Gymbl Latch & Lanyard are just a Kickstarter project for now. Once funded, you get some great items. Also funding Gymbl Latch gets you some steep discounts on other Gymbl products depending on your level of investment.

Here’s the text from the Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter link with more info is at the bottom of the post.

Balancing the iPhone while you take photos and video can be challenging. Just holding your iPhone securely while you tap away at the camera settings can be an adventure.

That’s why we designed a Latch & Lanyard for the Gymbl Case.

Held taut against your neck, the iPhone is steady when taking photos and when capturing video you can hold it steady or swing it through a smooth and graceful arc.  You will be surprised by how much of a difference it makes.

It’s also amazing how natural and secure it feels to do this with one thumb steadying the camera while the other is over the shutter and adjusting the settings.  It works both left- and right-handed and in portrait as well as landscape mode.

Never worry about dropping your iPhone.

Even if you’re not a photographer, there are plenty of reasons to have your iPhone hanging securely from your neck, the strap of a pack or other convenient location.

The magic in the Latch is that the harder you pull on it the more securely it locks.  The only way to remove it without destroying the Case, is to simply lift the release.  As the release fits the contour of the Latch, it won’t open accidentally.

The versatile lanyard is quickly adjustable to hang around your neck, hang sling-style at your side or cinched down on your wrist for carrying your iPhone in one hand.

For more info or to pledge, visit the Gymbl Latch & Lanyard Kickstarter project here.



Disclosure: Youbiq is an advertiser on Life In LoFi. They have also provided us with review units of the Gymbl and Gymbl Pro. This does not effect my comments or any recommendation of the device. =M=