Last year for SXSW, Hipstamatic released the excellent, limited edition Tejas lens. This year, it looks like we don’t get a sexy new lens, but we do get another chance to catch up on most of the discontinued lens and fims.

Both Retropaks One and Two are now available as in-app purchases. Not all discontinued HipstaPaks are available this weekend, but what’s out there now should go a long way getting you caught up if there are gaps in your collection.

Here’s more from Hipstamatic:

Losing sleep this weekend sucks but it does mean that we gain an hour of light to shoot. To make everything better we’re bringing back the old gear – let’s celebrate Daylight Shooting TIme! This weekend, users can download:

RetroPak One  $1.99
DreamCanvas Film
Melodie Lens
Salvador 84 Lens
Tejas Lens

RetroPak Two  $3.99
Watts Lens
Big Up Film
Lucas AB2 Lens
Jolly Rainbo 2x Flash
Susie Lens
James Lens
Rock BW -11 Film
Matty ALN Lens
Libatique 73 Lens

The availability of these paks is for a limited time — through this weekend. This is a good chance to fill in the gaps in your lens and film collection, especially if you’re new to Hipstamatic.

Unfortunately, the RetroPaks don’t come with any of the limited edition cases that were often released with these paks as well. In honor of SXSW this weekend, I’ve decked out my copy of Hipstamatic in the cool retro-styled Cowgirl case.

The paks are available in Hipstamatic now for a very limited time.