I’m very happy to announce that iPhoneographer Dimitris Karathanos will be working with Life In LoFi and contributing several posts, providing insights from other iPhoneographers. Dimitris and I first crossed paths when a couple of his iPhone photographs were selected as part of Faved On Flickr showcases last September and more recently this February. I like his eye and style for digital lo-fi iPhoneography.

From his bio:

A professional journalist, Dimitris Karathanos currently occupies the senior editor position at SOUL magazine, Greece. His main pastimes are running and reading. Never much of a visual person, he always preferred printed words instead, but ever since he was introduced to iPhoneography those two things have combined and now he’s got a mind like a comic book. His favorite photographers are Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Frank, Cartier-Bresson, Michael Ackerman, William Eggleston, Irma Haselberger, as well as the hugely influential artists he is coming across every day through various iPhoneography networks. He loves textured, distorted, gritty photography as much as he appreciates point-and-shoot simplicity. His own photos are not that complicated, they always remain within the realm of realistic, but he does hope that at best, they convey emotion and meaning.

You can see more of his photography on Flickr. Follow Dimitris on Twitter/@dkarathanos.

Dimitris’ first post will go live soon. It’s a great interview and I’m excited to have him sharing his talents with us for a while.

Welcome, Dimitris.