Secret Eye In The Sky

Secret Eye In The Sky by mutablend


Here is our iPhoneography showcase Faved on Flickr for the week of April 22, 2012. It’s been two weeks since our last Faved. Since then, over 6,000 images have been added to Life In LoFi’s Flickr Group. To see all of the outstanding iPhone photography, head over to the group page on Flickr and browse. I’ve also restored the Flickr widget down in the footer of the blog. It shows the most current images shared with the group.

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Because of the gap in showcases, this week’s post has a few more images than usual.

The great dreamscape “Secret Eye in the Sky” by mutablend is a brilliant combination of concept, capture, surrealism, and production. There are many other excellent photos featured this week from ©arlein, Greg Schmigel, Daniel Berman, Alexander Kesselaar, Roger B. Clay, Gladly Beyond, Paul Moore, Susan Blase, Shel Serkin, Yuriy Leskiv, Millo Salgado, and many others.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. There are a lot of first-time appearances in this week’s selections and I encourage you to follow the links and discover new iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All you have to do to submit your photography is to post your images to LoFi’s Flickr Group. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of outstanding iPhone photography.

There are many other stunning works posted in Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Please stop by there and have a look at the many other images that I can’t fit into this piece.

Please enjoy this week’s set. As always, it’s the iPhoneographers who deserve the credit. Whether or not you were selected this week, thank you for sharing your art.


"it was you who came to my side. remarkably close for our time of life"

"it was you who came to my side. remarkably close for our time of life" by ©arlein



Untitled by s n a c k s


Daisy Duplicated

Daisy Duplicated by BLACK EYED SUZY / Susan Blase


Follow Your Path

Follow Your Path by OliveCharlene



Void by Paul D Wade


On The Rise

On The Rise by Neilheeney


it pays to look

it pays to look by Greg Schmigel


So, What's Up Dudes

So, What's Up Dudes by Millo Salgado



Henry by Nico Brons


Violet and the unsuitable dress for hiking

Violet and the unsuitable dress for hiking by simonrsparks


Large Box

Large Box by Shel Serkin



Sus-Sussudio by irnbunneh


"mirror a walk" - 103 of 366     alexkess daily mobile photography project

"mirror a walk" by alexkess / Alexander Kesselaar


Walking with rain

Walking with rain by Hochlander / Yuriy Leskiv


12-04-12- Aveugle

12-04-12- Aveugle by marisan67



Empty by Gladly Beyond / Catriona Donagh


Country Road

Country Road by Roger B. Clay


Early Summer

Early Summer by Carmen Cabrera (tSfruit) ?


Walking On Water

Walking On Water by Mooro2 / Paul Moore


Morning Clouds

Morning Clouds by podolux


Slow day for the food truck along Randolph Street.

Slow day for the food truck along Randolph Street. by jp_ryan


The Dude on the Steps

The Dude on the Steps by Reservoir_Dan / Daniel Berman


Dire Warning

Dire Warning by -Jeffrey-



face by alekseykyznetsov


Lace Top

Lace Top by sgstarling



Untitled by kimartino1



Untitled by mmanfred


The acrobat (I hate when she does this!)

The acrobat (I hate when she does this!) by Lu Guada