Athentech Perfectly Clear for iPhoneWhen I found out that the Awesomizer tool of the excellent Camera Awesome was built by Athentech, I was worried that spelled the end of life for one of my favorite photo apps, Perfectly Clear. The long lapse between update didn’t help much to dispel my fears.

The new 2.4 versions of Perfectly Clear for both iPhone and iPad have finally hit the App Store today. They are both loaded with a lot of goodness, including a sale price reduction and a lot of bug-fixes. Regardless of the iPhone or iPad you use, regardless of any other photo fixer you may have, Perfectly Clear is an app that should be in your iPhoneographer’s toolbox and should be a first step in any image processing.

The complete list of bug fixes is below. Here are the major highlights of this new version for the iPhone.

One of the big new fixes is that Perfectly Clear now finally supports the full 8MP resolution of the iPhone 4S. The new version now supports up to 3264×3264 pixel saves.

It’s faster. Processing times are noticeably quicker, even with the larger images of the iPhone 4S. The memory cap issue has also been fixed. Even with a few dozen apps “open” in the background, I experienced none of the quits or crashes of the previous version of the app.

The app now saves an images EXIF data, including geotags.

With this update, Perfectly Clear has addressed and fixed the issues which hampered its usefulness on the newer iPhones. I’m a big fan of Perfectly Clear. Even with the superior camera of the iPhone 4S, there’s still a need to prep your photos — tweak the color, get the white balance right, make the contrast and exposure look more natural. Even though there are plenty of other Dynamic Range Correction apps and “Fake Flash” apps, Perfectly Clear is the by far the best in its class. With little fuss, it makes photos look “right.” This update once again makes Perfectly Clear the standard to beat in iOS DRC apps.

To see how Perfectly Clear’s optional noise reduction compares to other NR apps, click here to read my review of Noise Master.

Perfectly Clear for iPhone is on sale now through May 18 for only $0.99. It’s normally $2.99. It’s rarely on sale and this is a great chance to get what I feel is an essential app. The iPad version is on sale for only $1.99 — down from $5.99.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Perfectly Clear – Photo Correction (Automatic) - Athentech Imaging

Here’s the link to Perfectly Clear for iPad (Perfectly Clear for iPad – Photo Correction (Automatic) - Athentech Imaging )

What’s New in Version 2.4

– Fixed crashing bug from previous version
– Memory optimization to prevent running low on memory
– Optimized preview for faster loading
– Optimized correction speed by over 100%
– Updated save size to accommodate 8MP camera (4S)
– Optimized file size for faster workflow
– Made Tint correction more responsive
– Captures and preserves EXIF data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
– Captures and preserves location data when taking photo through Perfectly Clear
– Preserves EXIF data when importing image
– Preserves location data when importing image
– Identifies Perfectly Clear corrected image in EXIF data
– Fixed image orientation data
– Improved share abilities with Facebook
– Improved share abilities with Twitter
– Improved share abilities with email
– Increased response from correction sliders
– Fixed unusual behavior of slide-out panel