After only 8 days (and only 4 days after Life In LoFi’s first story on the device), the KICK has successfully funded its Kickstarter campaign. The device now heads into production. By the end of October 2012 photo and video enthusiasts will have a revolutionary new lighting tool at their hands, to create amazing videos and photos.

Our original story appears here. Read past the jump for more info and pre-order information. This is a very cool accessory! >>>

“The response has been overwhelming. We feel humbled and grateful, and can’t wait to get on with the manufacturing of the Kick,” the founders at RiftLabs said after their iPhone-controlled, feature-rich video & photo light made a massively successful run on Kickstarter after the launch on June 13.

The project reached the all-important 30% milestone after only 24 hours. One week later, the project passed its funding goal of 115,000$. The campaign runs until 18 July 2012, and there is still time to pre-order both Kick Basic and Kick Plus on the Kickstarter page.

“The Kick is a bloody genius idea for a pocket sized lighting tool. Check out the video below to learn more. I have invested in this. Looks fab. The features that are demoed in the video are beyond cool.” says Philip Bloom, DP, Director.

There are some interesting discussions going on among backers on the KICK project page at Kickstarter, regarding design features, user cases and technical specifications. RiftLabs has also posted two updates on the device.