Seurat a pretty cool free app that was released over the weekend. Seurat has two effects — Pointillism and Conté Drawing style. Basically, it creates images that look like they are composed of millions of tiny dots.

I’ve been having fun making my own Ferris-Bueller-in-the-Art-Institute-style pics all weekend. You know the one… “A Sunday Afternoon….” Not sleeping through Art History still yields benefits.

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Seurat detail at 100 percent

Seurat detail at 100 percent


Seurat is different than the halftone style in the comic book apps. It adds an impressionistic, dreamy effect to your photos.

It’s super easy to use. Choose an image. Choose one of the two styles. Save and/or share. Resolution isn’t fantastic. Seurat only saves at twice your screen resolution — that’s up to 1920×1280 px on an iPhone 4 or 4S. About 2.5 MP. Still usable. It’s more than good for sharing online and with a little massaging, you can even get some decent sized prints and enlargements with it.

Seurat is a loss-leader. It’s a freebie to get you to view an ad for 3DTOPO’s other apps, including ComicBook!. The ad is less-bothersome after you figure out the spot to click right past it.

For free, Seurat is a good iPhone art app. When you find the right images, the effects look great. Resolution is better than many commercial apps. Seurat is a good, fast, and easy app to add some classic, dreamy effects to your iPhone art.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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