instagram 2.5 access camera roll shortcut

Instagram 2.5 was just released this week. It’s the first significant upgrade to the popular free social photo app since being purchased by Facebook.

The update features a revamped profile tab, improvements to commenting, user search autocompletes based on people you follow, and (surprise) improved Facebook sharing. There’s also a new undocumented shortcut to your iPhone’s camera roll. It’s a pretty cool Instagram tip for a lot of users. Read past the jump for more info. >>>

The new Instagram 2.5 update features an undocumented shortcut for direct access to your iPhone’s camera roll. iOS users can now simply press and hold the camera button on the main screen for a few seconds. Instagram then takes you to straight to the camera roll, saving you a few clicks from navigating an extra couple of screens.

It’s not ideal for all Instagrammers yet. You are taken to the top of your iPhone’s camera roll where all the oldest images are, rather than the bottom of it. It’s a nifty shortcut if you keep your camera roll pretty cleaned up. If you keep thousands of images in your camera roll, you’re probably better off navigating through the import screens. Hopefully, we’ll see this fixed soon. It’s a pretty neat trick.

Unfortunately for Android users, this shortcut isn’t yet available in the Android version of Instagram.

Instagram is free and still works on any iPhone ever made. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later

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This tip originally appeared on Twitter in Keegan Jones’ feed, @keeg.