tiltpod mobile

When we’re out “touristing”, Stacy and I like to take the “Wish you were here” shots — you know, the ones that you share with your family and friends to remind them that you’re on vacation and they’re not. Often times, we are forced to take a “monkey paw” shot, which is mostly heads and little background and a lot of guesswork.

The tiltpod mobile is a small, very lightweight, very portable, very spiffy little gadget that quickly and easily holds your iPhone 4 like a little tripod so you can frame, be in, and shoot the pictures you want.

tiltpod mobile for iPhone 4 4S

The tiltpod is a brilliant little device. It’s small enough to hang on your keychain. The mount is a plastic grip that fits snugly onto your iPhone 4. The grip is solid but not too tight. I wasn’t worried about scratches or damage from using the tiltpod. My iPhone slid easily in and out of the mount. It works in both portrait or landscape modes.

The joint is an adjustable nickel-plated ball and socket pivot base that lets you rotate the angle of your device around and up and down so you can get the perfect shot. The base of the tiltpod is rubberized to help minimize slippage. It’s a well-designed and pretty sturdy unit. I really like that all the little parts that could potentially get lost are fastened to the tiltpod.

This is not a tripod replacement, nor is is a replacement for the Glif tripod mount. The tiltpod is a great little self-contained portable mount that gives you the freedom to walk away from your iPhone to take a shot. (You’ll need one of the many camera replacement apps with a self-timer to be in your own shots.)

The tiltpod only works on a “naked,” that is a caseless iPhone 4. You’ll have a much easier time using the tiltpod if you have an easy access case.

The only real issue I had with the tiltpod is that it uses a pretty strong magnet as part of its rotating pivot. When not in use, be sure to keep it away from credit cards, hotel room keys… anything that can easily be demagnetized. Keep it away from your wallet. Your iPhone uses solid state memory and shouldn’t be effected by using the tiltpod.

Otherwise, I think the tiltpod mobile is a sweet little gadget. It’s small. It’s convenient. It’s super easy to use and one of those gizmos that makes you really glad you’ve got it when you need it. It’s out of the way when you’re not using it. Seriously, it just looks like a another fob on your keychain. It doesn’t cause unsightly bulges in your pocket like a tabletop or a pocket tripod. The tiltpod is a handy accessory designed to free you up and get you back into the picture.

The price point of the tiltpod is just about perfect at $14.95 USD. I got a kick out of the packaging. There’s also a version, the tiltpod, for small digital cameras. The tiltpod mobile currently only fits iPhone 4 and 4S devices. You can order the tiltpod mobile for the iPhone 4/4S from Amazon if you’re doing some other shopping or you can order directly from gomite.



Disclosure: We received a review unit from gomite for this post.