iPhone 4S iPhoneography, mobile photography

Three years ago when I started writing photo app reviews for another blog, the iPhone was the device for mobile photography. None of the other iOS devices had a camera. Although Android devices had been out for almost a year, they were barely a drop in the larger mobile photography sea.

Since then, both the iPad and iPod Touch now have cameras. With the popularity of the Android Market, the Android OS and their devices have become compelling alternatives to mobile photographers. And new devices and operating systems continue to be introduced into the market.

Back in 2009, it was fairly easy to say that most mobile photography was shot on an iPhone. Now, there are choices. I realize that this is 99% an iPhoneography blog, but I’ll bet there are readers in mixed-platform households.

Please take a second to let us know which devices you use for mobile photography. You can choose more than one. Although this poll is in no way an accurate sampling of all mobile photographers, it’ll be interesting to see how Life In LoFi readers break down.

Our poll runs through July 17. Thank you for your participation.


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