Slow day for the food truck along Randolph Street.

Slow day for the food truck along Randolph Street. by Patrick Ryan


Here’s your chance to have one of your Instagrams featured in an upcoming TIME magazine article on mobile technology. TIME is searching Instagram and currently accepting submissions for this article.

TIME is looking at the role of the cellphone in everyday life, and they are looking for mobile phone images to help illustrate this project. The goal is to feature photos from around the world and show as many countries as possible. To find images, TIME has reached out to the mobile photography community and will be scouring Instagram for images with the correct hashtag.

To submit an image to the project, post your photos to Instagram and include the hashtag #TIMEwireless. Include a caption with your name and where in the world you’re located, and geotag the photo. This call is open to Instagram users on both iOS and Android platforms. Images must be submitted through Instagram. Although it doesn’t mention it specifically, don’t cheat yourself, mobile photography or TIME readers by uploading a DSLR image that’s been processed by Instagram. Show the world what smartphone cameras are capable of and be sure your image is shot and processed on your iOS or Android device.

Submissions are being accepted now, so post those pictures today. There is a maximum of three photos per user.

To read more and find out all the details, click here to go to the original post on Time Newsfeed.