Processed with Instagram 1.8’s Gotham filter

Those of you who remember Instagram’s early, low-resolution days on iOS will also remember the three filters that didn’t make the upgrade when Instagram went high-res. The three filters — Gotham, Poprocket, and Apollo — were well-liked and a lot more visually interesting than many of Instagram’s current effects. Despite a loud user outcry and a few vague promises to add them back eventually, thee dynamic filters remain deleted.

Here’s a link to some Instagram Photoshop Actions which recreate these lost filters on your desktop or laptop. Read past the jump for more. >>>

Photographer Jana Werner has created several Instagram Photoshop actions which recreate the three missing effects — Gotham, Poprocket, and Apollo — as well as Nashville, which is still an Instagram effect. Gotham was the unique, beautiful, moody monochrome filter with a convex frame. Unlike Inkwell’s comparatively flat black & white, Gotham’s monochrome was stark and very noir. Poprocket  was the colorful “berry pop” color splash style filter with good vignetting and a great reddish-purple color shift. Apollo was, well… replaced by better filters. Say what you will about Instagram, but Gotham and Poprocket were nice filters.

The actions are extremely easy to use. They come with great documentation. Simply install, then run from your Actions menu. Like Jana’s other Photoshop actions, these come very close to recreating the original effects. The set of four actions in the Instagram Filters Pack costs €3.95 — that’s currently about $4.78 USD or so.

Instagram filters seem pretty common but are fairly difficult to recreate and have them look right. I’ve tried. I previously posted a tutorial on recreating the Gotham filter on your iPhone using Camera+ and Simply B&W. If you’re not concerned about processing iPhone images off your device, Jana’s Photoshop Actions are much faster and easier.

Even if you have an early 1.x version of Instagram on an old iPhone 2G or 3G, you won’t be able to use it. Old versions no longer run. Now, the app won’t let you past the sign-in screen without updating. Until Instagram brings these nearly-forgotten filters back, this is the easiest way to get the look of these classic early effects.

More more information and to purchase these and other retro filters, visit Jana’s Photoshop Resource site.



Instagram’s Nashville filter

Jana Werner’s Nashville-esque filter


DISCLAIMER: Jana’s Photoshop actions don’t use any of the Instagram app’s content. All borders included in the package, are custom made.