We’ve got a follow-up with more exclusive information about the Hipstamatic Disposable, which is no longer available in the App Store. I received a brief email from Hipstamatic confirming that the app’s removal is a permanent one. No reason was given as to why the app was removed. Hipstamatic company is planning an official announcement sometime soon.

If you already have Hipstamatic D-Series, or Hipstamatic Disposable, read past the jump for what to expect in the short term from the app. >>>

If you already own the Hipstamatic D-Series, you’ll still be able to use the app. For anyone else, the app is no longer available for download. The unlimited film paks are still available for sale in-app now. The limited-use paks have been unavailable for a few weeks.

The developers will also provide a workaround for people who have already downloaded Hipsta D and somehow lost it or deleted it from their device. Watch this blog. We’ll keep you posted when these workarounds are announced.

UPDATE 01: If you reinstall the app, don’t expect your previous shared cameras and albums to come back as well. Life In LoFi’s Steven Thomas let me know that he reinstalled Hipstamatic D on his device and all of his previous shared cameras were gone.

HipstaPaks come and go and come again, making them fairly sought after by those who don’t have them. And like Star Trek, nothing seems to stay dead permanently in HipstaLand. I suspect, however, that this is pretty final and the Hipstamatic D-Series may well end up being another digital curio in the history of iPhoneography.

The Hipstamatic Disposable page is still up for now, but the iTunes link no longer works. The page is now an interesting tribute.