Life In LoFi is moving from DreamHost tonight. During the move, the site may behave erratically. There may be broken links, 404 errors, and other issues. Comments may or may not post. These problems should go away as the our new IP addresses filter down through the Internet.

Everything should be resolved by tomorrow. If you’re having issues and you think the site may be broken where you are, please send us an email at lifeinlofiblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Be sure to include the date and time you tried to access the site, what it was doing, and where you are located.

Our new web host is faster, with more under the hood features, and much better uptime. The move will improve the reliability of Life In LoFi as well as fix several of the problems we were having with DreamHost.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 01: It looks like things have propagated and are settling down. There should be few if any problems going forward. I was displeased with DreamHost to the point of being livid at times. Their actual uptime was significantly less than their guaranteed 99.99% uptime — somewhere around 96% or so. There were several significant outages in 2012 alone. I was having big problems with LoFi’s WordPress installation on DreamHost that we are simply not having on our new host. The move to the new servers was just about trouble-free.

Going forward, Life In LoFi should load quicker for you and there should be far fewer 500 Internal Database errors. I’m really happy with our new web host.

Let me know if you’re still experiencing any glitches. Thanks again for your patience.