“Head 10”, by Maddy McCoy

Great photos tell a story. This is Life In LoFi’s new weekly feature, Outside The Frame. It’s the story of one photograph (or a series) of an iPhoneographer in their own words. It’s less of a how-to and more of a why. It’s the stories of the iPhoneography we see, told by the artist who created it.

For this first edition, I selected “Heads”, a sometimes unnerving, very unforgettable series by Maddy McCoy. Read about these powerful photos after the jump. >>>

“I think the Heads Series will be a continuing one. I will probably add to it as I feel the need. I’ve been very inspired since returning from LAMAF. Seeing all that wonderful mobile art under one roof was amazing. You know how it is, you see images on a screen and you get to know them? Then to actually see them in real life, it was pretty incredible.

“An aside: It will be interesting to see how iPhoneography will move forward in regards to exhibiting and selling pieces. For example, one simply had to see Cindy Patrick’s “Swimmers” on the glass plates with ones own eyes to appreciate what was going on there… as well as to appreciate the asking price. Those pieces never would have translated correctly on a computer screen.

“The Heads series captures my different moods and feelings (again, which is why it will continue, it’s like therapy). I have discovered with taking self-portraits that I must put all ego aside in order for my true spirit to manifest and a worthy and “real” photograph to be taken. That can mean being confronted with images of myself that make me very uncomfortable (Head 3).

“I am also occasionally presented with images of myself in which I cannot recognize myself (Head 5). I simply do not see “me” in “her”. But, also, if I am lucky, I am presented with a photo of kindness and love (Head 8).

“In each photo there is a grid placed on my face, which I see as very visually pleasing but I’m sure could be interpreted in many other ways… Someone mentioned that scrolling quickly through the photos looked like an old silent film. That pleases me very much.”  — Maddy McCoy

Apps used: Some base photos were taken with Hipstamatic, some with SlowShutter, from there: Camera+, VSCO CAM, TtV PS and SquareadyPro.


“Head 3”

“Head 5”

“Head 8”

“Head 2”

“Head 9”

“Head 11”

“Head 12”

“Head 13”

“Head 14”