Arbitrary Scale © Nadine Benichou

Arbitrary Scale by Nadine Benichou

A few months ago, the organizers of the Mégapixels Photography Festival in Shawinigan, Canada contacted to commission what will be the first thematic exhibition designed by eyephoneography completely from scratch for an external cultural organization interested in mobile photography.

The result of that opportunity is UrbanMegaEye, an exhibition around the theme of urbanism that includes the work of four international mobile photographers: Nadine Bénichou, Richard “Koci” Hernandez, Graham Preston and Rafael Ricoy. We were already very familiar with the urban nature of the work of two of the photographers selected for this show, while the other two caught our attention during the evaluation phase of eyephoneography #3.

eyephoneography have the pleasure of presenting text that will be displayed in the exhibition space at the Shawinigan Cultural Center during the month of October. They would like to thank the four photographers for their enthusiasm and support to make this exhibition come true, and all of you for your being there.

The show opens on October 6th, 2012 at the Shawinigan Cultural Center.

Click here to read “UrbanMegaEye: Mobile Photographers and the Art of Chronicling the City” on