Today is the third anniversary of my first post on Life In LoFi. Over the years with your support, LoFi has grown from a small blog to one of the leading iPhoneography blogs today.

I like to think LoFi has done some good over the years. We’ve broken a few stories of significance. Rather than simply copy and pasting App Store announcements, we’ve made the more difficult choice of writing full reviews so you get the benefit of hands-on experience with an app. Along with a great group of part-time bloggers here, we’ve confirmed that some photo apps really are great, some really are lousy, and we’ve discovered some gems that would have been overlooked by many in the App Store. I’m happy we can share those with you. I’m also happy that we can help save you a buck or two here and there.

Speaking of a buck or two here and there, Steve Thomas has been absolutely awesome keeping up with Life In LoFi’s Facebook page. There, Steve helps post and share some great photo app sales and freebies. If you follow us on Facebook, odds are that Steve has saved you some bucks this year.

Finally, I want to thank each one of you read this blog, either occasionally or on a regular basis. I feel like we’re all friends with a big common interest here. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what I’m able to do here on Life In LoFi. I realize that there are a lot of other iPhoneography blogs out there. I appreciate the time that you spend here.

I originally started Life In LoFi because the camera in the original iPhone 2G was good, but not that good. The early iPhones had a unique signature digital lo-fi look to them. It’s not lost on me that the iPhone’s camera continues to improve at a rapid pace and the new iPhone 5 camera is pretty darned good. We’re still going to help you get the best pictures in-camera so that you can app some great digital lo-fi looks.

My plans for the blog for the coming year are modest. My goal is to hopefully bring on a few more occasional writers to contribute their voice into the mix. Otherwise, look for me to continue to write, praise, whine, and even cuss occasionally. I look forward to this time I get to spend on LoFi. Thank you for letting me share it with you.