We’ll be seeing a spiffy new camera app from the makers of PhotoForge2 soon. KitCam is a powerful new camera app with many live effects for both still and video.

Keep reading for some of the apps features as well as a preview video. >>>

From the preview video, many of KitCam’s effects are similar to that of other photo apps, but they are wrapped up in a powerful, live-preview package.

Also, the camera itself has some really great implementation of tools that I hope make it into the final release. The separate focus and exposure targets not only look easy to use, but are also clearly labeled — a great feature to have especially during the learning curve of the app. The app has several different composition grids, not just rule of thirds. In addition to the photo filter effects, KitCam also has several live-preview “lens” effects, such as vignetting and a wide angle distortion. It looks like it will have its own Lightbox much like PhotoForge2, so you’ll be able to edit your original photos after shooting.

The app streets this Thursday, November 29th, and will be priced at $1.99 USD.

Here are some of the features of the new app:

  • Manual exposure and white balance
  • Live preview lens, filter, and frame effects
  • Full HD video (with effects)
  • Split focus and exposure, with locks
  • Continuous shooting with a pretty decent shot-to-shot time.
  • Histogram
  • Multiple composition grids
  • Multiple aspect ratios
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Multiple sharing options
  • Automatic photo backups to Flickr, DropBox and FTP


Even without the filters, it looks like KitCam looks like it would be a pretty good and powerful camera replacement. The extensive effects make this potentially a good, all-around shooter. It’s from GhostBird Software, who have been making iPhone photo apps since the App Store was brand new, so they know what they’re doing and more importantly they know what iPhoneographers expect from an app.

We’ll see how it works when it’s released soon. From the feature list, KitCam is one to watch.