When We Float {Flying Lesson#2}

When We Float {Flying Lesson#2} by mutablend


Here is this week’s Faved On Flickr, one of the longest-running iPhoneography showcases on the web. Here are some of the excellent images chosen from the those shared to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group.

All of these images were shot an processed on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All of them illustrate only some of the creative possibilities of an iOS device and a few well-chosen photo apps.

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The lede this week is mutablend’s “When We Float {Flying Lesson#2}”, a stunning, beautifully created piece. Despite the dark tones and silhouettes, this is a very happy piece for me, full of joy, power and freedom.

Also in this week’s showcase are great iPhoneography, abstracts, portraits and iPhone Art from Benamon Tame, Roger Guetta, Elodie Hunting, Souichi Furusho, Lynette Jackson, brandon smith, melle Amo and others. There’s some great street photography by Clay Benskin and Shel Serkin and selections from the Cool Britannia series by Sarah Jarrett.

Links go back to the iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. Many iPhoneographers share the apps they used to create the images, so I encourage you to click the links and explore their photostreams further.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. For consideration, simply post your images to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Images must be shot and processed using only an iDevice. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of more great iPhone photography.

There are many other stunning works posted in our Flickr group. Be sure to stop by there and have a look at the many other images that I couldn’t fit into this piece.

Please enjoy the set this week. As always, it’s the iPhoneographers who deserve the credit. My sincere thanks to all of the iPhoneographers who continue to share their art.



Cool Britannia III

Cool Britannia III by Sarah Jarrett


Cool Britannia IV

Cool Britannia IV by Sarah Jarrett


Cool Britannia V

Cool Britannia V by Sarah Jarrett


Persephone before her abduction

Persephone before her abduction by Elodie Hunting


The light of a soul

The light of a soul by VeronicainMo



Nanzenji by koshi_another_side_


Al sole e non

Al sole e non by Lorenzo Carnevali


Only child - The Good, The Bad, The Adolescent.

Only child – The Good, The Bad, The Adolescent. by asleepundercolumnsovlight / Joel Adam


Rain, rain......I want to shop some more !!!!

Rain, rain……I want to shop some more !!!! by Graceiee B



Undercover by Amo Iphoneography aka melle Amo


The Hunger of Patience #iph100 #iphoneography #mobilephotography

The Hunger of Patience by Benamon Tame



Contemplation by Ray Luther



Macbeth Unchained

Macbeth Unchained by DraMan/ Roger Guetta


Image pic #73

Image pic #73 by Souichi Furusho


No._2036 iPhone4s+SnapSeed+Retouch+iDesign+Phonto+Decim8+VSCOcam+ImageBlender+Mextures

No._2036 by Page67_Lynette Jackson


I miss the quiet

I miss the quiet by cecilyc123



#combat_day by SUXSIEQ


Provocation in the night- Ketty for, Wilder Biral iPh

Provocation in the night- Ketty for, Wilder Biral iPh by Willy Biral



Untitled by s n a c k s / brandon smith



IMG_1343 by Mario Inoportuno


Tuesday Flip Off

Tuesday Flip Off by jenni from the block


donkey hair on barbed wire

donkey hair on barbed wire by ReyGuy



Untitled by DaveDushon



Untitled by Thestreets2 / Clay Benskin



Miffy by Shel Serkin