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Etchings app for iPhoneEtchings is a unique photo app which adds the look of the classic artisan etching style to your photos. I’ve previously reviewed version 1.0 here.

The new 1.5 update is due to hit the App Store at any time now available in the App Store. It’s a great update with several new features and effects. We’ve got a preview. click past the jump for more. >>>


The art of etching is similar to commercial halftoning. Before the photographic arts, it was used for hundreds of years to give shadow and depth to printed illustrations. It’s still used as one of the security measures in currency today, and is still widely practiced by many artists and craftspeople.

The new Etchings 1.5 update builds upon the great features of the first version. The app is still very easy to use. Choose your style and adjust the line weight if needed. You can now also adjust the brightness of your base image.

Etchings now comes with 12 etching styles standard — that’s four new free styles. Want more etching goodness? There’s also a great in-app purchase of six additional etching styles for $0.99. Your favorite etching styles are still there — Classic, the postage stamp, money. There are several new etchings styles including a great new green Matcha etching and a cool looking weathered vintage-tinted etching.

The etchings themselves have been tweaked a bit for this update. The lines are a little cleaner and finer and the high-contrast algorithm has been refined for greater contrast and less posterization, even at standard 1200px resolution. See my sample image below.

Etchings still saves at 1200×1200 pixels. The 1.5 update now has an Advanced Export mode where you can turn off the square crop and also save in full resolution — up to a huge 3300×3300 pixels!

With version 1.5, Etchings is now a Universal app, meaning it’s also optimized for iPad as well.

It’s a unique effect and a great app. The update improves an already good app, adding more great effects as well as new features that users were asking for.

Etchings is still $0.99 with a $0.99 in-app purchase. The app update is free for previous users. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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App Store link: Etchings – MindSea Development Inc.