Dan Marcolina introduces the Meet The Mobile Masters panel

Dan Marcolina introduces the Meet The Mobile Masters panel

Last week, the largest gathering of the iPhoneography movement brain trust assembled at MacWorld/iWorld. It was several days of workshops, presentations, panels, meet & greets and photowalks. Big thanks to the iPhone-obsessed mobile master Dan Marcolina for letting me be a part of several of these events.

Already the event has been covered by several high-profile outlets. Keep reading for links. >>>

I am very honored to have been part of the Mobile Masters panel discussion and workshops. I was able to attend several of the workshops, including presentations from Dan Marcolina, Stephanie Calabrese Roberts, Richard Gray, and Jack Hollingsworth. And that was just a small part of the event.

I can see how sitting through an entire day’s worth of workshops would be brain overload. Even in the few sessions I attended, I picked up some great tips and advice from other leaders in the iPhoneography arts.

It wasn’t simply a day of “which apps to use” or “the rules of taking better photos.” In addition, presenters shared the most valuable information of all — history, experience and insight.

The hows are shared all over the internet. These sessions gave attendees several days of getting into the heads of these movers and shakers of iPhoneography. More important, all of the presenters were easily accessible for one-on-one conversation.

Here’s what several other media outlets have said about the sessions so far:

San Francisco Chronicle: “‘IPhoneography’ breaking into mainstream”

Some see it as nothing less than a revolution in photography.

“It’s not too dissimilar from when film went from black and white to color, or when Kodak first brought the camera to the masses,” said Dan Marcolina, author of “iPhone Obsessed” and organizer of the Mobile Masters workshop on the opening day of Macworld.

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AllVoices.com: “iPhoneography tips and tricks from Macworld’s ‘mobile masters'”

The fact that you generally have your phone on you makes the iPhone all that more valuable as a camera. You catch subjects and situations you’d not have caught otherwise. People don’t behave differently around the discreet little smartphone camera. Since the iPhone is so unprecedentedly handy, a few other iPhoneography mobile masters chimed in with additional advice to beginners.

“Your device matters,” said Jack Hollingsworth, a professional photographer who often goes iPhone-only. “Run out and buy an iPhone 5. It’s so much better than the 4S.”

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Connect: “7 iPhone photography trends at the Macworld Expo”

The Macworld Expo (now known as Macworld/iWorld: The Ultimate iFan Event) dedicated the first day of the annual conference to iPhone photography. The day hosted a combination of developers, professional photographers and iPhone fans ready to discuss iPhone photography’s progress in mainstream art photography and photojournalism.

“This is the Woodstock of iPhonography,” said event organizer Dan Marcolina. “It’s like the time when rock and roll went to mass media.”

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