quattrojaws universal tripod mount for iPhone

If you’re unfamiliar with Indiegogo, it’s another crowdsourcing platform like Kickstarter. Here’s an interesting new project looking for funding. The Quattrojaws is a universal compact tripod mount that will work with nearly any smartphone, naked or cased.

I’ve got more information, a video, and my initial thoughts on the project after the jump. >>>

Quattrojaws from Quattroflex System on Vimeo.

A tripod mount is one of the more handy accessories you can get for your iPhone. When you are able to use the stability a tripod offers, you can create some pretty interesting slow shutter effects, as well as get into your own shots when using a self-timer. There are a lot of tripod mounts available for iPhone including the ANYCASE Universal iPhone Tripod Adapter (which is what I use), the popular Glif Plus, Diffcase for iPhone 4S/4 and many others.

The Quattrojaws is spring-loaded mount. It’s made from lightweight aluminum alloy and has rubberized pads to protect your iPhone. The jaws hold your smartphone and the whole thing mounts to any tripod with a standard 1/4″ thread mount. The device mounts behind your iPhone (or any smartphone) so it doesn’t block the screen or your camera. There are two sizes — medium for iPhones and large for Samsung Galaxy III, so the Quattrojaws isn’t a true universal device, but will work on all devices within its size specs.

It’s also got an attachment to use as an angled reading stand a very handy feature that improves its functionality. It’s small and lightweight and can fit in your pocket or hang on your keychain like a fob. This little gizmo looks very portable.

The Quattrojaws looks pretty slick if you don’t have a tripod mount for your iPhone. There are a few things I’m concerned with about the project. If the project gets funded, the projected delivery is May 2013 — that’s about three months out and a long time to wait in an iPhone product cycle. Price including international shipping is going to be around $47 total , which I think is a little high for a tripod mount, especially when the going rate for available mounts is currently about $20-$35 with free shipping from Amazon.

Want to learn more including a bunch of illustrations and a lot more specs? Visit the Quattrojaws Indiegogo page for more info or to pre-order yours.