mophie juice pack helium, iphone 5

“Juice” and space are the new film in the digital camera age and going out hunting without plenty of both is like going on a photo shooting safari with just two rolls of 36 exposure film.

Mophie has finally released its new battery pack case for iPhone 5. We don’t have a review unit yet, but Mashable does. Keep reading for more. >>>

I used a Mophie juice pack plus with my iPhone 4S and absolutely loved it. The case not only offered great protection for my iPhone, but also effectively doubled the battery life of each charge. The case did not obstruct the camera or flash in any way. It’s a design feature the Mophie helium shares.

The Mophie juice pack helium is an ultra-thin, 1500mAh protective battery case made just for iPhone 5. Because of the low profile nature of the case, Mophie says that the Helium offers up to 80% additional battery life — a little bit less than other Mophie cases, but the extra juice will still extend your iPhone 5 usage by hours.

The heilum is not the first iPhone 5 battery case available, but it’s the most high-profile so far. With a cost of $79.95, it’s priced at the high end, but you’re also getting Mophie’s excellent customer service.

Andrea Smith’s review “Mophie Juice Pack Helium Is First iPhone 5 Battery Case to Market” can be found here on Mashable.

For more information or to order a Mophie juice pack helium, visit the Mophie web site.