photo app sales

There are some great photo app sales and freebies right now in the App Store. All of these are on our Photo App Sales page, but since there are so many great deals today — iSupr8, Aquarella, ProCam XL for iPad and more — I thought I’d highlight some of the better ones here.

Right now, these are some of the highlights on sale or FREE for a limited time. Grab these while you can!

iSupr8 recreates the look and texture of Super 8 film. It does a great job of adding the aberrations of this small-format movie film and applies it to your videos. Definitely one of the best retro video apps available. FREE for a limited time, down from $1.99.  |

ProCam XL is the iPad-only version of popular camera replacement ProCam. It provides many more tools and options than the iPad’s basic Camera app, giving you more control over the picture taking process and helping you to get better photos in camera. It’s FREE for a limited time, a savings of $0.99.  |

Big Photo is on sale right now for a short time. Not only can you use this app to resample and resize images both smaller and larger (which is worth the price of the app alone), Big Photo is an excellent photo viewing tool that lets you view and zoom into your images down to the pixel for extremely precise viewing.  |

Aquarella for iPhone and Aquarella HD for iPad are both on sale for $0.99 each — a savings of $2 for each app. The Aquarella apps are the great watercolor-style apps from JixiPix, who’ve developed an excellent portfolio of vintage and natural media iOS apps. The Aquarella apps create great-looking watercolor effects and have an expansive toolset to help fine tune and get the results you want. The iPad version also makes much better use of the larger screen of the the iPad. iPhone version: | iPad version:

There are plenty of other great photo app deals right now in the App Store. They’re all on our Photo Apps Sales page, which is checked and updated at least daily.