Fast Camera for iPhone and iPad

Fast Camera
Version reviewed: 5.2
Price: $1.99

Fast Camera for iPhoneMy apologies for the most obvious headline I think I’ve ever written on this blog, but Fast Camera is really that fast and it does fast very well. It’s an app you’re likely to overlook in the App Store, but it’s an excellent camera app to have in your “camera bag.”

What it does is really impressive. Keep reading to find out why. >>>

Fast Camera starts up fast, shoots fast, and then lets you select the best captures after. It’s basic and it’s that easy.

Fast Camera starts shooting when you open it. You can change this in the app’s settings, but I’ve left mine as is. I think it’s better to wade through a few extra images than it is to miss your shot.

Fast Camera captures up to 800 images a minute in low-res mode and I got over 200 images per minute in full native resolution mode on an iPhone 5. You can limit how many exposures the app will store for review, up to 1000. That’s a lot to review. I’ve set mine a little lower.

The camera itself is has some surprising features in an app of this type. The rear camera supports a combination manual focus/exposure target. The Flash can be toggled for standard flash or Torch for continuous light. The app supports Front Camera on equipped devices.

Images are thankfully not saved to your camera roll, but temporarily stored in the app’s own lightbox for review. Select the images you want to save to your Camera Roll. The app automatically deletes all the rest when you get back to shooting.

Fast Camera is fast, easy to use, and amazing. Basically what it does is automatically captures dozens of hundreds of images and lets you choose the clearest or best composed one. It’s great for capturing photos of squirmy kids or friends, pets that don’t like to be photographed, or other scenes where you would want multiple exposures and back-up shots. I can also see how this app would be great for street photography and capturing the perfect image.

The rear camera supports the full native resolution of your device, including 8MP on an iPhone 5 or 4S. The number of exposures it takes in full res is almost unbelievable. You can also shoot in low res, high speed mode on the rear camera. It’s actually saving video screencaps, so images save at 1280×720 — about 0.9 MP. It’s mislabeled in the app’s settings — an annoying label that I wish would be corrected or fixed. The front camera saves at 1280×960 or 1.2MP. The app currently doesn’t save EXIF data, but that’s planned for a future update.

Fast Camera is a great utility camera to have. It’s really fast, stable, and doesn’t clutter up your camera roll. With Fast Camera, you can capture those “perfect moments” that happen just before or after you would otherwise release the shutter.

Fast Camera is $1.99. It’s a Universal app that is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.




Fast Camera 5.2

Resolution & Image Quality
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Very Good!

I like Fast Camera a lot. Did I mention it’s really fast? It captures those “perfect moments” that happen just before or after you release the shutter.

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