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Happy First Day of Summer! To celebrate, author and iPhoneographer Dan Marcolina has dropped the price of his excellent series of iPhoneography iBooks and apps.

For the next two days, his excellent “AppAlchemy“, “AppAlchemy Pocket“, “Mobile Masters“, and the “iObsessed Companion” are only $0.99 each. This deal is for a limited time only, so grab them now.

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You will learn from one of the most experienced and recognized digital artists in iPhoneography today, Dan Marcolina. Cut through the clutter of over 8000 photography apps and be personally introduced to Marcolina’s essential apps and techniques.

If you want to quickly and easily learn more about iPhoneography, photographic and artistic guidelines and app production techniques, you should have at least one of the third-party books in your collection. Dan Marcolina’s are among the best available.

Most photo apps don’t come with a manual. Dan Marcolina’s iPhoneObsessed series not only shows you around the apps, but shares advanced concepts and techniques that might take months for you to discover on your own. They are text and multi-media-rich interactive books that guide you through the techniques. For a nominal investment, you can improve your iPhoneography skills exponentially.

Want to learn more? Head over to Dan Marcolina’s iPhone Obsessed website for a lot more details on what’s in each book.

This is a great sale. Grab a few of these while they’re discounted. This sale is good through June 23, 2013.

AppAlchemy iPad

Dan Marcolina’s interactive iPad book, “App Alchemy” is pure magic — a brilliant iPhoneography classroom-in-an-app that is fun as well as a highly valuable learning tool, blurring the distinction between ebooks and media-rich interactive app.

AppAlchemy features overviews of Marcolina’s 28 essential apps and 7 image formulas with detailed step by step video tutorials. Over 3 hours of video instruction altogether. It also includes many, many resource links.

AppAlchemy Pocket

This pocket edition is a condensed edition of the iPad eBook AppAlchemy which contains more detail and interactive information and more reviews. If you don’t have an iPad this is the way to go!

Mobile Masters for iPad

Over 50 of the worlds most notable iPhoneographers reveal their techniques, passion and vision in a compelling interactive format. This iPad eBook is a companion to the Mobile Masters Sessions held at the 2013 Macworld expo. It contains the work and views of most all the speakers and many more leaders in the mobile photography movement.

iObsessed Companion for iPad

Cut through the thousands of photo apps and quickly learn how to master the very best available for the iPhone. iObsessed Companion Edition One expands on the print edition of the book and shows many new image concoctions including detailed formulas for some of the unexplained images in the book.